Book Dealer in Lexington, NE

Owned by Sharon Anderson, Mystic Books is a book dealer business based in Lexington, NE. We buy and sell used books. Our clients can expect to find a wide variety of literature in our store.

I was born in the Sand hills of Nebraska. I have lived all of my life on a ranch until I got married and moved away. We lived 25 miles from town. I grew up helping my father with cattle and my mother with hay men. I was in 4-H or anything I could be in. We would go to the library and get books and I could read and go somewhere else. I married young and we moved to Lexington, Nebraska. I’ve did odd jobs while raising my three children. Along the way, met a lot of friends & coworkers. I was the manager for the book store in town for over 8 years. Due to health issues, had to stop from working outside of the home. So I turned my home into a book store to keep working. I started this business in 2003. It has grown over the years and I have all kinds of paperback books. I also am a member of the BBB. Love to interact with people, a lot of my customers when I was in town has stop to see as well. During that time, I came to have 8 grand-kids. I’m a book worm and I love to read books in my spare time when I’m not busy doing outside stuff. I have my daughter in-law helping me get the stuff put together so people can see what I have. I’ve have over 50,000 books to choose from! Hoping to hear from you!

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